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'Atelier 56' Leather Pen Sleeve

'Atelier 56' Leather Pen Sleeve

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The 'Atelier 56' Leather Pen Sleeve is one of the original items of well-crafted goods.  It's a single piece of solid, natural vegetable-tanned leather turned, wrapped and hand stitched.  A simple design houses your pen & helps prevent those markings inside your bag or adds another level of style when you reach for your pen.

HANDMADE with 100% Leather and quality natural Hemp thread

Dimensions: 6" x 1.25"


leather pen sleeve


Atelier 56 is a leather goods line started in 2018 by a shoe cobbler in Pennsylvania.  While learning the art of shoe repair from a local master cobbler & small business, this allowed us to study the details of other 'luxury' brands, learning and understanding materials as well as how goods are used.  With this 'free' knowledge it's our daily mission to construct meaningful, quality pieces that stand the test of time while continuing to be a student of age-old crafting techniques.  

At Atelier 56, we are also doing our part by encouraging opportunities at our local shoe cobbler & small business for apprenticeship.  We are a black-owned small business passionately serving our community.  We are currently on track to donate a portion of our proceeds to local programs & initiatives that help benefit our communities and youth.


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