All Atelier 56 products have been crafted using strictly traditional methods with materials that are both noble and natural.  To guarantee longevity, we recommend that you follow a few simple rules:

Do NOT follow the advice from your favorite YouTube person(s).  Consult with an expert before you attempt anything. Following YouTube advice can and will cause your item(s) to become beyond cared for or repaired.  

Protect the product from heavy rain.

Avoid all contact with oily products & products containing solvents or alcohol like perfumes or cologne.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Avoid friction with other materials or prints whose colors may rub off (like jeans).

Be careful not to scratch or rub the product against abrasive surfaces.

After use, its highly recommended to store your bag in a dust bag, away from light, humidity and heat.


If necessary, please feel free to contact Byrum's Shoe Service. There, they will be able to provide various repair solutions. Our expert leatherworkers will carefully examine each case individually.