‏‏‎ ‎The Atelier 56 story...

...initially began in 2016.  Lance Mobley began an apprenticeship at Byrum's Shoe Service, a local shoe repair shop, learning everything about the make of, repairing and restoring shoes, luggage & leather goods.  When "luxury goods" would come in for repairs he'd thoroughly study them.  Call it an obsession, he was always curious about what made these popular items "luxury."  About two years in, the first Atelier 56 duffle bag was hand stitched (pictured below).  From that point on, he was committed to learning to create a better product than the first; never compromise on quality or details.  

Using the techniques from traditional methods in fine leather crafting while understanding how people use items, each product is skillfully and carefully made with the user in mind.  We believe and know that a big label or brand name doesn't determine genuine luxury goods.  We believe in using the finest materials, allowing us to make the finest products.  

Today, every Atelier 56 item is proudly designed and made in our Malvern, Pennsylvania shoe repair shop.  We pride ourselves on that.  You can guarantee your next item from us is made of hard work and exceptional craftsmanship.